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Longevity and preventative healthcare are highly personalized

We are bringing access to longevity for millions and then billions of people worldwide - through our Hub & Spoke model.





Longr Spokes

Our ecosystem consists of access-first, highly personalized, data-led companies.

Welcome to Longevity 360°

Personalized daily supplementation, DNA Testing, 24/7 AI via the Saints One app, and your own longevity concierge – all in one plan.

What Matters Most in Longevity

A daily longevity newsletter that blends investment, lifestyle, and news insights – an engaged audience of nearly 50,000, growing each day.

A Free Longevity Coach for Everyone

Our Symbolic AI LLM platform, providing personalized coaching powered by scientifically validated longevity research, first-party, and proprietary data.

Wearable Longevity AI

The first AI wearable built for longevity. We have committed to gifting $1bn of blēo to consumers, who connect their band through The Longevity AI. 

Longevity Telemedicine

An online longevity pharmacy that gives access to cutting edge medicine, prescribed through doctors who are assisted by our AI and ecosystem. 

Product Studies and Health Claims

Data-centric strategies that enable the Longr ecosystem and external partners to substantiate longevity health claims for supplements and pharmaceuticals.


Future Therapies in Existing Settings

A global network of centres provided under license to existing luxury retreat and wellness focused hotel operators.

Longr Hub

Our centralized resource and expertise core. We create new initiatives and scale them to become synergistic elements of our longevity ecosystem.

Experienced Company Builders and Investors

Longr has been founded by experienced early-stage Venture Capitalists and Venture Builders, on a mission to advance healthcare.

Emerging Life Science, Media, and Community

We have launched luxury clinics, drug discovery and ML companies, market leading media and events brands, and medical non-profits – all in emerging healthcare.

Growth, Community, Regulatory

We hold deep expertise in driving growth, engaging communities, and shaping regulatory strategy.

Extended Longevity Family

Our global family encompasses conferences, retreats, REITs, ML drug discovery, and veterinary products – together a collective of pioneering ventures.


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Our daily newsletter covers the latest longevity investment, technology, scientific, and lifestyle developments.

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